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International Joint Ventures
& Strategic Alliances

Barrington Global's International Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances Practice represents a distinct and deliberate area of core focus for the firm. It draws on decades of joint venture experience across a spectrum of industries and geographies, and it offers expertise in an array of issues facing entities that are entering, exiting or managing cross-border joint ventures and strategic alliances.  The overarching goal of the practice is to enable successful business outcomes by navigating complex issues and risks with legal and strategic advice that is creative and commercial on the one hand, while pragmatic and practicable, on the other.

Set forth below is a select list of joint venture and strategic alliance representative matters: 

"Charles provides invaluable advice and insights and is our trusted thought-partner on a ground breaking autonomous vehicle venture in the Middle East."

- Sheldon Quan, Deputy General Counsel and Vice President, CRUISE

Representative Matters

Representing GM Cruise on a ground-breaking strategic alliance with the Government of Dubai for the creation of an autonomous vehicle ride-hailing business in the Emirate.

Represented the Reignwood Group in two separate iterations of a billion-dollar development joint venture in Hawaii.     

Represented Dow Chemical Company in a multibillion-dollar production, offtake and marketing joint venture project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

Sneak Peek...

The Art & Science of International Joint Ventures.

In some respects, joint ventures are as old as the animal kingdom.  The concept of acting in concert to achieve a mutually greater benefit is fundamental to our condition, and has been the subject of unending discourse from Smith’s economics to Darwin’s evolution. Today, the joint venture is becoming as pervasive as any legal or business creature on earth.  It is surprising, therefore, that the joint venture, in its manifold forms, suffers a notable degree of inattention and remains relatively neglected in the practice and the study of international legal transactions.  The reasons for this disconnect or disregard are many, and I will attempt to touch upon several in the chapters ahead, but the adverse implications are undeniable, evidenced by the unnecessary challenges faced by international joint venturing parties and by the avoidable number of dead and dying ventures scattered across the global business landscape.  Publications often quote statistics about the failure rates of joint ventures, but I will resist the temptation to do so here, as the realities are much less scientific and much more nuanced than such data is capable of conveying.  There are simply too many variations of success and failure to capture so neatly and narrowly, but suffice it to say that problems faced by joint ventures are substantial, both qualitatively and quantitatively. Indeed, one key proposition of this book, derived directly from the observations of my practice, is that that the manner in which lawyers (and others) are thinking about joint ventures is often wholly insufficient, and that there are too many preventable mistakes and mishaps affecting joint ventures, particularly in the international arena...    


As globalization accelerates, joint ventures are playing an increasingly pivotal role in international initiatives and investments.  The successes or failures of these endeavors are often determined by appurtenant planning, coordination and execution by and among legal professionals and business principals.  The following chapters will seek to provide context and to offer advice (or occasional admonition) regarding the formation of international joint ventures, drawn from the perspective of a practicing lawyer, and focused on the interplay between law and business.  The discourse will proceed in as logical and sequential a manner as possible through the various phases and factors of joint venture conception, creation and controversy.  As such, this book seeks to explore, and to some extent, extol, the art and the science of the modern international joint venture...  

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