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Insight, Innovation and Integrity
A distinctive and disruptive legal and strategic advisory devising creative solutions, guiding complex transactions and building successful connections across the globe.
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Who We Are

Barrington Global is an international legal and strategic advisory firm led by Charles Salem Hallab. We are intently focused on the intersection of law, business and policy, particularly between the Middle East and the West, and specifically in relation to international ventures, alliances, investments, projects, crises and controversies. 

We are dedicated to helping our clients devise creative solutions to complex problems, develop key opportunities, mitigate risks and realize successful outcomes. We pride ourselves on our commercial pragmatism, our cross-cultural fluency and connectivity, and our commitment to cost efficiency. 

These key attributes complement our core values of insight, innovation and integrity, and they combine with the unique breadth and depth of our experience to set us apart in the market. Beyond a simple advisory, Barrington Global strives to create value as a distinctive and trusted legal, business and strategic partner.

From the Founder

Thank you for considering Barrington Global, an advisory dedicated to client solutions and client successes. Barrington Global prides itself on its ability to think and work in a multi dimensional way, across disciplines and across geographies, and to navigate the cross-currents of international law, business, politics and strategy. We seek to avoid the one-dimensional approach that is so pervasive in the legal industry, where inside-the-box thinking and ever-escalating billable hours and rates grow increasingly tone-deaf to the needs and nuances of today's clients.


At Barrington Global, we seek to advise and to act creatively, commercially and globally, fully attuned and fully committed to each client and its unique goals. Above all, we define ourselves by the achievements and outcomes that we deliver. I look forward to discussing how Barrington Global can support you.

Charles Salem Hallab


Representative Practice Experience

Representative Industry Experience

About The Founder


Charles Salem Hallab brings to Barrington Global a quarter century of experience successfully advising clients on a wide range of high-impact and high-value cross-border matters – from mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures to major projects, investments and disputes, and from key crises and compliance issues to international regulations, reorganizations and initiatives. Charles also regularly advises and coordinates on multiple aspects of expanding, contracting or operating internationally, including Compliance, ESG, Employment, Finance, IP and Tax.

Charles has led key practices, groups and initiatives at two of the largest and most prominent law firms in the world (Baker McKenzie and Mayer Brown), including Corporate & Securities, Joint Venture & Strategic Alliance, Middle East and Climate Change & Sustainability Transactions. Most recently, Charles chaired both the Middle East Practice and the International Joint Venture Practice at Mayer Brown.

Charles has distinguished himself and his advisory with a strong business orientation and a reputation as a trusted international problem solver. He has repeatedly been named a Client Service All-Star by BTI Consulting, and he is widely regarded for his expertise, his trustworthiness, his friendliness as a person and his user-friendliness as an advisor.


Charles Salem Hallab
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Barrington Global News

Insights & News

Charles Hallab and Barrington Global were enlisted to assist the Asian University for Women (AUW) in evacuating 165 young Afghan women from Kabul following the Taliban takeover in August. 

For over ten days, Charles worked with AUW to coordinate logistics and other arrangements in order to ensure safe passage for the students.


During the final 56 hours, the mission shifted into the highest level crisis mode with seven buses of young women held near the Kabul airport at gunpoint by Taliban militia, while Charles worked closely with Mayer Brown, Kamal Ahmad of AUW and others to communicate and coordinate with high-level contacts at the State Department, Department of Defense, White House, as well with Military Commanders, Special Forces and intelligence operatives in the field to navigate and negotiate on behalf of the young women. 

The risks escalated dramatically with the ISIS K bombings on August 26, which were followed by credible intelligence from numerous sources both on the ground and at the Pentagon that additional terrorist targets were being actively sought. Although increasingly touch and go, late in the evening on August 27, with the exit window rapidly closing, the team successfully secured the safe entry on foot of the young women into the airport, the subsequent safe departure by plane of the young women from Kabul and the ultimate safe arrival of the women in the U.S. 


In collaboration with AUW, Charles drafted and negotiated agreements with ten U.S. universities for placements and scholarships for all of the young women. Barrington Global continues to work closely with AUW to ensure the best possible future for these heroic young women.


In a gentle way, you can shake the world.

Mahatma Gandhi


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